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Ardbeg Drum 1x70cL

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Gift box with bottle - 70 cL


Gift box with bottle - 70 cL
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    This year’s Limited Edition bottling, Ardbeg Drum, a scrumptious jamboree of flavours and the perfectly peaty excuse for a party.

    Inspired by Islay’s rich history of carnivals, this whisky is a bottling imbued with the ultimate influence of carnival spirit, rum. In a first for the Distillery, we have taken Ardbeg single malt from ex-Bourbon casks, rested it awhile in ex-rum casks from the Americas, giving us…Ardbeg Drum.

    Discover a mass of complex flavours as they parade across the palate. Fragrant pine resin and woodsmoke dance alongside ripe banana and pineapple, before lavender, liquorice and vanilla strut into a long, smoky finish – a downright wondrous paradiddle of aromas.

    Ardbeg Drum – let the rumbustious revelry begin!

    Non chill-filtered at 46.0% ABV.

    Ardbeg Drum takes inspiration from Islay’s rich history of carnivals, with a Caribbean twist. Enjoy a parade of flavours: elegant pine and woodsmoke, ripe banana, pineapple and a touch of vanilla.

A carnival of flavours